„A Game of Thrones” Illustrated Edition

Ilustrowana edycja „Gry o Tron” warta każdych pieniędzy. Jest co głaskać w miejsce ŚLiO 😉

Pozwolę sobie zacytować fragment przedmowy Johna Hodgmana:

It’s hard to imagine them all emanating from this one dude in Santa Fe, just as it is equally difficult to fathom the wholeness and realness of the fake world he’s made: all its cultures, theologies, and family tries, branching and entwining; the depth not only of its history but the complex ways that history is remembered and miseremembered on purpose; the research pured into medieval-castle construction, armor technology, doublet stitching, and the food. […] again feels like it must be the work of one hundred authors comprising a fictional „George R. R. Martin”. […] And then you will come to the end, like everyone else, start bothering GRRM to finish. This impulse, should you have it, is wrong. Does the book end with some story lines unresolved, some characters in a better place but some in a worse place, with more story to tell? Yes. But so does every day in your life. So enjoy this and the next books knowing that each of them is complete in its own way.

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Gra o Tron (Edycja Ilustrowana)